Lorraine is a painter based in Wye, a pretty village in Kent, the Garden of England.

Working in oil paint, she studies classical oil painting techniques  and works these into her own art practice.

Lorraine is exploring the different methods and approaches of past ‘old masters’ and developing an understanding of both the craft and art of painting, searching for her own style.

You can see some of Lorraine’s work on the Gallery page which displays her Instagram feed. Here she shares her oil painting and also her exploratory work in pastels and other mixed media.



On the easel: An oil painting of Circe, a goddess in Greek mythology Circe, by Lorraine Hawkins (a work in progress) I think a good way to learn your craft is to emulate how others do it, and see how your own style emerges through and beyond that. Whilst browsing for paintings that I could …

Allegri: Miserere

On the easel: from an album cover I discovered on Spotify I suffer with the never-ending desire to paint things, and I suppose like most artists I’m never satisfied with what I paint, but that makes me keep learning. I have hundreds of pictures and cut-outs that I’ve saved over time thinking – I can …